Christmas time is approaching, and it is approaching fast. To get started with the spirit I made this composition of Christmas tree with its star and a Santa Claus with his sleigh, and I am current still working on the reindeer. Let’s if I can make possible Rudolph’s red nose…

Look at that Santa Claus! He not only has beard, but mustache and the the eye brows too. It is just so perfect. And the sleigh fits perfectly to his size. There is even room for one of two gift boxes.

The tree took me a bit longer than expected to make, not only because it is necessary to cut the paper to the right size, but also to figure out the right angel to assemble it.

About my folding,

The Santa Claus and the sleigh were made using 15 x 15 paper. The color of the sleigh is actually brown, but the picture makes it look reddish, I am hoping to do it again but this time with a different kind of brown.

The tree was made as explained in the source video, with an A4 basis paper. And it would not be Christmas without the star, which I made using a 30 x 2 cm yellow strip.


The Santa Claus and the sleigh are from Jo Nakashima, here are his videos:

The tree is from Leyla Torres,

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