A couple of week ago, around Halloween time I was looking to portray the holiday feeling with some cute folding. You would think that “Halloween” and “cute” are not two words that one would normally put together, but I truly enjoy the creepy part of this festivity, but I don’t let it be too creepy to have nightmares.

Following this very specific idea I had in mind, I found this incredible looking bat. The design is so carefully made that the final figure looks as if it was a real animal, or at least that is the reaction I got from many of my friends.

I ended up liking this model so much, that I am now planning to frame it, so that I can display it easily and all year long. After all, there are bats for more than just on Halloween day.

About my folding,

This model was made with a 20×20 brown paper, but I think a bigger would have also worked out pretty well. In my opinion the snout has very fine details, thus a 15×15 paper is not the best to work with.


The original design is by Tom Defoirdt and the tutorial video is by Jo Nakashima. Here is the link for you to check out:

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