This will be my first workshop, and I could not be any more thrilled. I have been practicing the models and selecting the very best kind of paper for the attendees. I only have to finish doing the presentation and I will be fully ready for it. I am so excited, maybe a bit nervous and having countdown on my homepage is not helping.

Date and place of the event:

Saturday 14th of December at 15:00

@ PANGEA. Werkstatt der Kulturen der Welt

So we have about two hours and a half to make some nice Christmas themed Origami, I am planning to start by making this little Christmas tree. This traditional model is very versatile since it fits perfectly for Christmas cards and ornaments.

Tree Ornament
Tree Ornament

Difficulty: Beginners (Level 1)

Then, keeping in mind the idea of making Christmas cards, I would like to continue by making this ribbon. This finished model looks so beautiful not only in cards but also for presents and it can be used all year long.

Wrapping and Ribbon
Bow and wrapping

Difficulty: Beginners (Level 2)

Thirdly I have two ideas of things we could do, and it will all depend on the crowd. I will have to see what kind of thing they are more interested in doing and how comfortable they feel about folding origami. Also it will depend on time.

We can either do a box with its respective lid.

Difficulty: Beginners (Level 3)

or we can do some ornaments, that require a bit more of folding.

Difficulty: ★ Beginners (Level 4)

Whatever we end up doing I am so sure the experience will be unforgettable.

See you on the 14th of December at PANGEA.

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