Origami is my life hobby, but I am a chemical and material engineer and hopefully soon a PhD in polymers. When I was six I not only started doing my first folds but also got immerse into science. The way I see it, due to the mathematical and geometrical implications of origami, it is one of those merging point of art and science. And that is one of the reasons I am so deeply into it. In the free time that my career and origami allow I also like photography, poetry, video games and swimming.

My mother language is Spanish, but as life dictated, English became the most important language for me, since it was the linking platform that allowed to learn traditional Chinese and it is a key support for my current effort to master German. My home town is Guatemala city, in Central America, buy I also regard Tainan a home. Tainan is a city in the south of Taiwan where I resided for eight years before coming to Austria, which is my current home.


My support and backbone. He is the finance, marketing and organizational side of all activities. Thanks to his efficient managing I can focus on the artistic part of origami while he keeps track of all everything else, even caring of the amount of paper I have available for my creations. His support and cheering for me are part of the inspiration to do what I do.

Gregor’s mother language is German, and although we communicate mostly in English, we are also able to mix Chinese and Spanish. He is also a talented and creative writer, you can check his blog here.