It was a normal day, I do not remember how long ago, when Gregor and I saw this place for the first time. A store full of curiosities and special items, which at first glace did not seem to have a specific topic or target; but it just had a little of everything for everyone. Who would have known that a few weeks later it would become of great importance to me and to us.

I started folding origami figures when I was six years old (Click here to read the about). As I got better with the techniques and more skilled with complicated models, it was suggested to me, more than once, that I should sell my origami. Mom was the major orchestrator of this, of course. She started giving me ideas of what kind of things I could sell or on the kind of seminars I could conduct. Although it all seemed like a good idea, and the thought of someone paying for my hobby was encouraging, however, I needed to figure out a way that would agree with the free time my career allows and find a convenient platform where I could feel comfortable selling the figures.

Opportunely, the thought of that peculiar store in the heart of Linz inner city happened to roam around in our minds. The name is “‘s Fachl“, which basically means “the box“, and this is because the store rents the space of a wooden box to anyone with something to sell. When we finally put one and one together, Gregor and I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to finally sell the origami models. I just had to take in the items and for a small rent and commission they would sell it for me.

To be able to sell anything in ‘s Fachl, I still had to do all the legal procedures and formalities of a normal business, which means I had to open and register a company. As a foreigner in Austria, it is a bit more complicated for me to do this under my name, but Gregor agreed to helped me out with this. He is the most organized, creative and enthusiastic person I know. So it did not take long until he was fully involved in the entirety of this new endeavor, which gained him the position of “management and support“. Eventhough he is, in fact the official owner of the company. As for me, I am the “origamist“, a position that actually makes me feel satisfied and enthusiastic every time I read it.

All what I am writing would not mean anything if there was not an outcome. As it turns out, yesterday on the 2nd of September, we finally had everything ready. At 5 in the afternoon, right after work, Gregor and I placed the first assortment of origami items in the store. From now on, everyone who is interested in obtaining their own origami model folded by Adriana can just directly go to ‘s Fachl, located in Linz inner city.

I have yet to tell mom about all of this. Luckily, she will be visiting me soon and I plan to just take her to the store and show her. After so many conversation we had on how much I should sell my origami figures, I can’t wait to see her surpriment, and hopefully she will also be proud and joyful. Now I have to go and make more figures, because I am sure she will buy as much as she can.


September 3, 2019

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