Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Welcome to 100 days of petal verses!

From February 5th to May 15th – Day 51

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the poems!

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To celebrate half way of the petal verses collection,

I have prepared something with great affection,

A type of flowers made through folds and cunning,

and just as special as natural flowers are stunning,


Thus I present, from day forty-nine to fifty-one,

these origami flowers that my hands have done,

so I hope you enjoy the beautiful creation

that was made with enthusiasm and dedication.

Smoothly Designed

By Adriana



Late at night, when quietness is in the middle of its show

my stealthy hands slowly wander in the paper chateau,

a place of foreign colours and carefully chosen designs

where the perfect size and shape will be eagerly combine.


The paper calls and the folds smoothly slide through

as if their destined intriguing shape, they always knew,

My hands know their task and they continuously crease galore,

as if they never get tired, doing origami is what they adore.


The night goes on, but in a blink these flowers were made

and I smile at them, knowing their beauty will never fade.

And now that I look at them, I have a lovely thought in mind

the day I wear white, I’d like to have my own bouquet designed.



And now, the talented poet and blogger, Grexxen

Anticipatory Presented

by Grexxen


Walking down between the crowd

Soft hands hold the bouquet proud

As your dress the flowers are white

Both shine in the church so bright


Your skin is golden as the bloom

Step by step you approach the groom

The flowers match the violet hair slide

On the altar I wait for my bride.


Hand in hand we speak “yes” so true

Suddenly I awake next to you

There is no reason for any dismay,

Beside our bed is the flower bouquet.

Dear Grexxen,

I am inspired by your words. So full of talent. Thank you for letting me share them here.

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts

  1. I saw you since you were a little girl folding the paper with incredibly skill and I love every single creation. As a a prize for such devotion, love and nature will give you that white bouquet.

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