Monday, March 26th, 2018

Welcome to 100 days of petal verses!

From February 5th to May 15th – Day 50

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the poems!

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To celebrate half way of the petal verses collection,

I have prepared something with great affection,

A type of flowers made through folds and cunning,

and just as special as natural flowers are stunning,


Thus I present, from day forty-nine to fifty-one,

these origami flowers that my hands have done,

so I hope you enjoy the beautiful creation

that was made with enthusiasm and dedication.

Dedicatedly Achieved

By Adriana


Open your eyes and don’t be deceived

this what you see is to be believed,

it took hours of folding to be conceived

but roses out of paper were finally achieved.


Red roses are the most traditional,

but oranges are the most unconditional,

while the pink one is the most transitional,

the purple one is merely additional.


Now they rest on mom’s living room,

standing guard for anybody’s gloom,

there they’ll stay for a long time, I assume,

as they will never die but also, they won’t further bloom.


And with these origami roses we reach half way,

but luckily I still have many flowers on the tray,

and tomorrow you will read about a beautiful bouquet

that I am sure you’ll enjoy right away.

And now, the talented poet and blogger, Grexxen

Ordinary Colourful

by Grexxen


Roses are red, violets are blue,

You know like me that this is not true

The majestic queen of all floral

Consists of colourful voices in choral.


Some are red and some are white,

Even dark black or pink so bright.

It doesn’t matter the Rose’s colour touch,

It fills your heart with love so much!

Dear Grexxen,

Thank you, so much for your support and dedication. You are talented poet that I admire deeply.

Thank you for reading!

One thought

  1. Congratulations to your half way done challenge! I admire you for your dedication and truly speak for all readers that we are all enchanted by your work! Keep on, as we all want to see the second half of your talent!

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