Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Welcome to 100 days of petal verses!

From February 5th to May 15th – Day 49

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the poems!

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To celebrate half way of the petal verses collection,

I have prepared something with great affection,

A type of flowers made through folds and cunning,

and just as special as natural flowers are stunning,


Thus I present, from day forty-nine to fifty-one,

these origami flowers that my hands have done,

so I hope you enjoy the beautiful creation

that was made with enthusiasm and dedication.

Finely Crafted

By Adriana


For hours crafting and folding,

origami is something for beholding

an art of patience and finesse,

and not to hold any stress.


What you see are some flowers

have taken me many hours,

but origami is a passion for me,

and are beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?


As first step, the paper is selected,

good quality can’t be neglected,

Now, choosing the colours comes next,

combining them can be a little complex.


And then the folding begins,

I can’t stop until I’ve got everything.

But the job is not complete,

I am in for a little treat.


The stem and centres are put into place,

gotta make sure, they are also full of grace,

Now my fingers are full of glue,

but I won’t go to sleep until this is through.


Then I carefully place them in the vase,

and when they are finally steady,

I wonder if “vase” rhymes with “grace” or “was”?

but it is ok, because this poem is finished already.

And now, the talented poet and blogger, Grexxen

Artfully Deceiving

by Grexxen


Driven by the same old rush of daily life routine

My eyes caught a sudden sparkle, such I’ve never seen.

Slowly I was coming closer to the kitchen table

To marvel more about those flowers, I surely wasn’t able.


Bright in colours from spring yellow to autumn red

Of exotic shape and beauty, held by an unseen thread.

For my eyes were full of wonder, I truly believed

So revelation hit me harder, that I have been deceived.


Those flowers need no water, nor any bug repellent

In hours they had been carefully folded by a patient talent.

Of Origami paper had been the heart of petals and stem

They are the Art in Artificial; and Art is the Artist creating them.


Dear Grexxen,

Thank you for enthusiasm and dedication to this poem.


Thank you for reading!

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